Oxford Media - World-Class Media Training

Oxford Media offers world-class media training to professionals.

Be the expert journalists want.

Learn to tighten your message into pithy, concise sound-bites.

Get your clips broadcast, not binned.

Practice handling hostile interviewers, get savvy about hidden journalistic agendas; work out how to turn a confrontation into an opportunity.

And be confident. You're being trained by the best.

Oxford Medicine - Welcome

Oxford Medicine offers scientific advice to companies discovering deep science vaccines and anti-virals.

We also work with pharmaceutical companies specialising in over-the-counter remedies.

Oxford Medicine will work with you on your product, looking at how well your product sits alongside competitors - and ways to improve it.

We'll also look into possible side-effects. And manufacturing.

Once your product is ready for approval we'll advise you on the best way to approach the regulatory authorities.

We'll stay with you. Every step of the way.

Oxford Media and Medicine